Using a formal vocabulary that is equally organic, gestural and graphic, I produce work that straddles the boundary between abstraction and representation.
For me, painting is an active process of thinking, feeling and discovery. I spend some days mostly looking, and consider it an equally important aspect of my practice. I work on several paintings at once, using a palette with a broad spectrum, allowing the momentum of color and mark making in one painting to feed the next.

Lily Martine Baxter grew up in Northern California.  Influenced by creative parents, she has been making art her entire life.  She studied a broad range of mediums including textiles, leather work, painting, printmaking, and drawing.  Lily has also worked in photography and ceramic sculpture while attending the California State Summer School for the Arts program.  Lily earned a BFA in Textile Design at the Rhode Island School of Design where in she was awarded a design contract for a Designtex-RISD collaboration.  During and after college she apprenticed with a custom cowboy boot maker.  Learning the intricacies of this skilled trade has taught her patience in her own practice.  She now lives and works in San Francisco where she is currently painting.