The Drawing a Day Project

In June 2012, I began a new project, making a drawing a day for one year. I set rules relating to format and materials—making drawings on 10 x 11 inch (25 x 28 cm) paper using water-based mediums—but the subject matter had no boundaries.   The drawings were about daily observation, using my intuition to explore mark making deeply. I committed to this series as a daily practice.  Through this process, I discovered a refreshing sense of freedom, different than working on the more involved larger paintings.  When the day was done I had to move on, which allowed me to simplify and to appreciate the immediacy of a mark. Focused on process, I was able to work in a less analytical way.  Committing to work everyday—even when I traveled— made my studio time a daily priority and a habit.  Three months into the series I became pregnant; I completed the year of drawings just one week before my daughter was born.  It was unplanned, perfect timing.